Just Fine

a flower essence finds its way more than 5000 miles to my mailbox
in the span of two weeks.
hellebore and the power of the feminine.
heart to womb is where the true strength lies.
the mind takes care of itself.
when i say, “i think”, i’m touching my heart.
mary magdalene; deep woven wisdom strength gentle
nothing to fear.
true grace is fierce,
not aggression.
lilith in the marrow.
she’s been waiting
for you.

two behind, unsure.
love this 60+ year old body.
skin and bone and blood and water.
decay, what of it?
forsythia dazzles,
daffodils illumine,
i only want to trust the plants.
there’s ringing in the ears;
this lets me know i am hearing.
just fine.

pay attention.



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